Ecotoxicology - Terrestrial

IES Ltd conducts a wide range of of bee, NTA and NTP laboratory and field studies and is also specialised in conducting higher-tier studies.

Our terrestrial ecotoxicology department can offer you the following studies:

Find out more about the studies we offer below.

OECD 232
Collembola Reproduction
OECD 207
Earthworm Acute Toxicity Test
OECD 222
Earthworm Reproduction
OECD 226
Hypoaspis Reproduction
OECD 216/217
OECD 208
NTP Emergence
OECD 227
NTP Vigour
Non Target Arthropods (Various Species and Set-ups)
ICAMA 2004
Acute Toxicity Study Silkworm
ICAMA 2004
Acute Toxicity Study Trichogramma
OECD 213/214
Acute Contact/Oral Toxicity Honey Bee
OECD 246/247
Acute Contact/Oral Toxicity Bumble Bee
Acute Contact/Oral Toxicity Solitary Bee
OECD 237
Acute Toxicity Larvae Honey Bee
Chronic Toxicity Larvae Honey Bee
OECD 245
Chronic Toxicity Adults Honey Bee
OECD draft GD
Chronic Toxicity Adults Bumble Bee
Oomen Brood Feeding Honey Bee
Brood Semi-field Honey Bee
Brood Semi-field Bumble Bee
Brood Semi-field Solitary Bee
EPPO 170
Field Honey Bee
EPPO 170
Field Bumble Bee
EPPO 170
Field Solitary Bee