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Who we are

Science helps us to understand and shape our world

The Group and its Objectives

Our objective is to deliver dependable scientific research to our clients, while ensuring that all safety standards are upheld for our environment. We strive to lead the way in implementing our cutting-edge research knowledge for all of our clients’ projects.

As a group, we aim at delivering exceptional quality to our customers. We want to understand their needs and deliver accordingly. Science is at the core of our business, and our highly skilled professionals ensure that our studies are conducted according to the latest technological developments. Within our group we believe in collaboration to achieve these targets. This requires a strong foundation built upon teamwork.


IES is a Swiss company based on the border with France and Germany. Founded in 2008, we have over 100 employees working in the specialist fields of environmental fate, aquatic and terrestrial ecotoxicology, animal and crop metabolism, as well as analytical chemistry testing.

Our location and the expertise required from our employees has allowed the company to grow into a successful, multicultural organisation. The IES management team is also composed of scientists, and science is at the heart of all the decisions we take. Over the past 15 years IES has conducted thousands of studies across different service areas.

i2L Research

i2L Research was first established at Cardiff University in recognition of the industry’s requirement for accurate, reliable field and laboratory efficacy studies for crop protection and biocide products. It relocated to the outskirts of the city in 2000 and, over the last 20 years, has grown exponentially, expanding across the world.

i2L Research has developed wealth of experience over the years in both crop and non-crop efficacy testing in Europe and the USA. I2L aims to deliver exceptional customer service and robust science and to forge interesting and fulfilling careers for our teams, working in partnership with sponsors.


Mambo-Tox started at the University of Southampton as the Agrochemical Evaluation Unit (AEU) in 1984 providing terrestrial ecotoxicology studies. Following privatisation, the company relocated to its current site at the University Science Park with a purpose-built facility.

Over the years Mambo-Tox has a stable and highly experienced team of scientists who support our clients with excellent communication and results. The company conducted thousands of studies, developing test methods used for NTAs, Soil, Pollinator from laboratory to field studies.



Dr Stefan Höger | CEO

Stefan studied biology at the University of Constance, Germany, with a focus on developmental neurobiology, immunology, behaviour biology and ecotoxicology. Stefan has several years of experience in the CRO industry. His field of expertise covers ecotoxicology, toxicology, biodegradation, analytical chemistry and also regulatory know-how (agrochemicals, biocides, chemicals and pharmaceuticals). He previously worked as a study director, team coordinator, team leader, department head and GLP test facility manager in academia and industry. Stefan joined IES Ltd in 2014 as COO. On the 1st September 2017 Stefan was announced as the CEO of IES Ltd.

Dr Axel Mahnke | COO

Axel holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Bochum and an executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) from the EDHEC business school in Lille. Axel has over 25 years of experience in the life science industry, and has held different senior positions in scientific, strategic and operational roles at Bayer, Pfizer, Syngenta, Eurofins and Covance. Axel co-founded Onco-Logics, a reference lab specific for cancer clinical trials, translational medicine and preclinical analysis, and served as management consultant for Arcondis AG. Axel joined IES Ltd in 2019 as COO.

Julie Masse | CMO

Julie has a broad experience in business development, mainly international B2B sales within the pharmaceutical and agrochemical markets. With almost 15 years of experience working with different types of CROs, in biology but also chemistry, she has also developed a strong know-how helping companies align their business strategy within multiple locations. Originally from France, Julie has a MEng in Biology from Polytech’Clermont-Ferrand, a MSc in Environmental Diagnostic and Management from Cranfield University in the UK, and a Master in Sales and Marketing Management from EAE in Spain. Julie Joined IES in 2022 as Chief Marketing Officer.

Dr Wolfgang Völkel | CHRO

Wolfgang has a PhD in chemistry from the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and two decades of experience as a study director for e-fate studies in contract research organisations (RCC/Harlan, IES). He has intensive experience in the design, conduct and interpretation of the full range of e-fate studies, especially adsorption/desorption studies and degradation and metabolism in soil, aquatic systems and surface water. Wolfgang’s expertise covers different types of chemicals and he has managed the delivery of testing programs which meet all aspects of regulatory requirements for product registration.

Dr Jörn Schreitmüller | CINO

Jörn studied Chemistry at the University of Ulm with a focus on analytical chemistry and organic spectroscopy. Jörn has over twenty years of experience in the CRO industry and his field of expertise covers multiple analytical areas including analytical support for ecotoxicology and toxicology, product analysis (five batch analysis and physicochemical analysis) analysis of food contact materials (migration and polymers) and medical devices, residue analysis, bio analysis and pharmaceutical analysis. Jörn also possesses in-depth knowledge of regulations in the areas of testing of agrochemicals, biocides, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. His previous roles ranged from study director to team leader and head of department as well as GLP- test facility manager (GMP and ISO 17025). Jörn joined IES in 2015 and was made Chief Innovation Officer in 2018.

Meet our experts and site managers:

Dr Stefan Höger
Expert in Aquatic Ecotoxicology

Dr Wolfgang Völkel
Expert in Environmental Fate

Dr Jörn Schreitmüller
Expert in Analytical Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

Steve Vinall
Expert in Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

Dr Rafal Piskorski
Expert in Metabolism

Dr Neil Robinson
Expert in Analytical Chemistry

Dr Russell Vaughan
Site Manager Mambo-Tox

Dr Pavel Foltan
Site Manager i2L Research Europe

Barna Dúdas
COO i2L Research Newcastle and interim Site Manager i2L Research Newcastle

Dylan Gibson
Site Manager i2L Research Cardiff

Josh Matta
Site Manager i2L Research US

Roger Latorre
Site Manager i2L Research Spain