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Facilities and equipment


We operate with GLP and GEP standards for full regulatory compliance through 7 locations.

Our laboratories are temperature controlled and contain incubation rooms, growth chambers, and storage facilities for samples to enable us to carry out specialist studies and tests smoothly and accurately.

Our greenhouses are temperature and humidity controlled and separated into different compartments, allowing multiple single-crop metabolism, rotational crop or non-target plant studies to be conducted at the same time.


Analytical Equipment

  • TopCountNXT HTS
  • HPLC systems with UV, DAD, ELSD, FLD, RI, and radio detection
  • LC-MS/MS systems including accurate mass detectors (SCIEX QTRAP 6500/6500+ and Thermo Q Exactive)
  • GC systems with FID, ECD, MS
  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
  • TOC Analyser
  • Fluorescence Spectrometry
  • ELISA measurement

Custom Flow Through Systems

Our flow-through systems custom made of inert materials with automated dosing pumps is a solution if the test item has low solubility in test water / is not stable under test conditions / is very toxic/ is volatile (test under fume hood).

  • System 1: for fish or amphibians
  • System 2: for fish or amphibians, can be used for volatile and/or toxic test items
  • System 3: for fish, fish eggs and larvae, or amphibians
  • System 4: for daphnia, algae or aquatic plants


  • Specialised precision spraying equipment
  • Polytunnels
  • Rain protection