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We assess Plant Protection Products and Biocides performance

Efficacy service for plant protection and Biocide products are provided by i2L Research.  i2L Research has decades of experience working in partnership with sponsors to generate data to develop, register, and market Plant Protection and Biocidal Products, as well as developing new protocols to demonstrate novel modes of action. To provide a more complete service, the company has established several sites around the world.

Plant Protection Products

The company is deeply embedded in efficacy research services, understanding the landscape of product development and use. We help manufacturers in the horticultural, agricultural and chemical sectors demonstrate product efficacy to meet regulatory requirements with independently generated data.

  • Insecticides, Acaricides and Nematicides

Trials are conducted on all major cereal, vegetable, and fruit crops against over 70 test species in the laboratory, glasshouse, commercial polytunnel and field sites.

  • Herbicides

Efficacy and selectivity testing services available including glasshouse screening, simulated field, and full field studies, on a wide range of crops, weeds and surfaces.

  • Fungicides

Target diseases for these trials includes: Blackspot, Rust, Powdery and Downy Mildew, Botrytis, Blight, Septoria, Dollar spot, Microdochium, Red Thread and Antracnose.

  • Fertiliser and Biostimulants

Specialised equipment is used to monitor chlorophyll levels, soil nutrient levels, nutrient uptake and plant biomass.

  • Molluscicides

Over 25 years’ expertise working in slug behaviour and control, including coordinating and performing efficacy registration programmes across the whole of Europe.

Collaborators in all EU

Extensive network of farmers across the UK and Europe for full agricultural field trials available.

Plant Protection BioProducts

More than 50% of our trials are performed with biopesticides. We have decades of experience developing new protocols to demonstrate novel modes of action, including the assessments, and understanding of IPM strategies to determine the efficacy of new biorational products.

  • Micro-organisms
  • Semiochemicals
  • Macro-organisms
  • Natural product
  • Plant incorporated protectants

Biocidal Products

We generate robust and reliable data to be used in BPR  PT18 and PT19 or EPA product authorisation dossiers. Our team of highly qualified scientists have many years’ of experience conducting and designing laboratory, simulated-use and field trials. These studies evaluate the performance of a range of formulation and application types.

  • BPR PT18: Insecticides, Acaricides and other arthropods

Laboratory and simulated use trials on a range of pests such as: urban Pests (cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, dust mites, flies, spiders, ants), Public Health and Vector insects (ticks, bed bugs, biting flies and mosquitoes, head lice),  Animal health (fleas, poultry mites, stable flies), Stored product beetles and moths, Wood boring insects/termites.

  • BPR PT19: Repellents and Attractants

Laboratory, simulated use and field trials on arthropod repellents (incl. spatial repellents) and attractants on a wide variety of species including ants, bed bugs, biting midges, cockroaches, fleas, flies on horses and grazing cattle, fruit flies and scuttle flies, head lice (in-vitro), mosquitoes, stored goods-attacking insects and mites, textile-attacking insects, ticks and wasps.

  • Animal Health Products
  • Pest Control Devices and Insect Traps
  • Packaging Penetration Study

Bespoke Study

Our expert teams in Europe and the USA are available to discuss your data requirements for registration, R&D screening, or other testing. We can adapt our study design to suit your testing needs.

Marketing Study

i2L Research designs protocols to meet the USPs of the product in order to provide independent marketing data and competitor comparability

In-house Colonies

By rearing our own colonies of pests we are able to use high quality organisms and undertake timely studies.

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