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Non GLP and GEP Services

We facilitate new product development from an early stage phase

Non-GLP and Non-GEP Services

To facilitate successful product development, it is critical that compound efficacy and safety are confirmed, false positives removed, and that any potential liabilities are identified as efficiently as possible as early as possible.

For that reason we have developed non-GLP tests, including different levels of reporting, test design, analytical exploration, so you can conduct your early stage investigation and promote the most promising products in the pipeline:


  • Laboratory and glasshouse testing on insects and weeds.
  • Marketing and unique selling point (USP) studies.

Environmental Fate and Analytical Chemistry

  • Persistence testing

Aquatic Ecotoxicology

  • Algae growth inhibition test
  • Lemna growth inhibition test
  • Daphnia acute and reproduction test
  • Fish acute test
  • Fish early-life stage test
  • Fish embryo acute test

Terrestrial Ecotoxicology

  • Acute toxicity in bees
  • Acute toxicity in soil organisms
  • Acute toxicity in NTAs


Initial non-GLP screening cuts the number of candidate compounds down for further profiling.

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