IES’s GLP testing facilities and equipment are state of the art. All laboratories are temperature controlled and contain incubation rooms and growth chambers. Our outdoor facilities consist of greenhouses, plant metabolism/ fate-o-cosm and experimental fields.

IES Testing Facilities

The temperature-controlled laboratories and offices cover a surface area of approximately 2000 sq m, the greenhouses 600 sq m and the outdoor plant metabolism/fate-o-cosm enclosures 450 sq m.

Optimal infrastructure such as incubation rooms, growth and environmental chambers as well as storage facilities for samples allows the smooth undertaking of the studies.


The greenhouses are temperature and humidity controlled and separated into different compartments, allowing multiple single-crop metabolism, rotational crop or non-target plant studies to be conducted at the same time.

In the outdoor facility, we carry out terrestrial studies such as plant metabolism, dissipation or rotational crop studies under open natural environmental conditions with 14C-labelled compounds.

Higher-tier aquatic fate studies are conducted in the fate-o-cosm facility with special enclosure systems.

Since IES is located in the countryside, we have direct access to experimental fields in the proximity of the facility.

ZSH Archives

IES Ltd uses ZSH Archives, an expert in GLP, GMP and NON-GLP archiving, which offers a complete archiving service with administration and controlling of raw data, study plans and reports, wet tissues, paraffin blocks, histopathological slides and electronic data which are integrated in an electronic archive system.

An audit room is available for clients and authorities.

The rooms are temperature and humidity controlled.

Access is restricted to authorised personnel only.

The archive is equipped with state-of-the-art fire extinguisher and alarm systems.

For more information please visit www.zsh-archives.com