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Since it was #actsofkindness week last week, #IES took the opportunity to celebrate some of the #kind words received from our valued #customers.

A little appreciation goes a long way so thanks to all those who send feedback and thanks to our staff for delivering #highquality studies everyday!


SETAC 2020
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IES will be attending the #SETAC Europe 30th Annual Meeting in Dublin.

PeterThomasPeterStefan and Arno are IES’ very own friendly faces who will be visiting Europes friendliest city for the conference this May. They are looking forward to seeing you during our various presentations and at booth #18.

Our conference team were kind enough to have their photo taken in front of our brand new greenhouse, which we will be featuring here soon.

See you at #SETACDublin!

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Some of our very talented #WomenInScience at IES gathering together for a rare photo opportunity despite a busy week of #EnvironmentalChemistry and #EnvironmentalToxicology research!

#IES are proud of our #womeninstem and continue to be active ambassadors for #womenandgirlsinscience, every day, not only on #womenscienceday!

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Pharmaceutical residues in the environment are a global topic highlighted by OECD as of particular importance because they can affect the photosynthetic activity of primary producers and subsequently the primary biomass production and carbon dioxide fixation. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has proposed to implement a new tailored environmental risk assessment scheme, published in a new draft guideline. Threshold effect levels to three fixed representative species of green algae and cyanobacteria will be required.

In an upcoming article in the CHIMIA International Journal for Chemistry special Environment issue this coming Spring, IES will explore this topic. Our authors Arno WessStefan Höger and Schmidt Thomas will review and compare contamination of various different natural waters with antibiotics, as well as present an overview of published effect data on eukaryotic and prokaryotic algae in order to discuss the representativeness of the selected species.

You can find out more about the CHIMIA Journal on their official website:


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2020 is the UN International Year of #PlantHealth. Not only does this present an opportunity to raise global awareness on how plant health can help end hunger, reduce poverty, protect the environment, and boost economic development. It also gives us a chance to celebrate one of our favorite test systems at #IES !

Get in touch to find out about our plant studies and how we can partner together in 2020 to contribute to #PlantHealthProtection


Getting organized for 2020?
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It may not be the first point on your list but booking your studies in early can certainly help 2020 run more smoothly.

Drop us a line and find out how #IES can help you attain your product registration goals.

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