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An Automated Flow-Through Exposure System for Daphnia Reproduction Test

By May 30, 2024No Comments

We are pleased to share the poster made by Anne Dupont and presented by our colleague Johannes Völker at SETAC in 2024.

Title: “An Automated Flow-Through Exposure System for the Evaluation of Challenging Substances in the Daphnia Reproduction Test

The Daphnia magna reproduction test (OECD 211)1 plays a crucial role in chemical regulation. The test lasts 21 days, assessing several reproductive parameters like offspring count, time to first brood, and survival and growth of the parent organisms.

The frequency of medium renewal depends on the stability of the test substance. According to the test guidelines, medium renewal should be done at least three times a week. For challenging test substances that tend to degrade quickly (due to e.g. hydrolysis, oxidation, sorption or volatility), the OECD recommends more frequent medium renewal or the adoption of a flow-through test since it enables the maintenance of stable exposure conditions, and thus the assessment of difficult test substances.