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IES – Attending Virtual Conferences and Workshops

By November 10, 2020February 9th, 2023No Comments

Although physical attendance of conferences remains difficult for all of us, we are continuously looking for ways to stay up to date on the latest guidance topics, as well as contributing to conferences through posters or video presentations.

Peter Hvorslev recently attended the online workshop “How to identify Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals”, organised by the Akademie Fresenius, while Arno Wess gave a presentation at JSOT on the topic of ERA, followed by a Q&A session.

Over the next few months we are also looking forward to delivering our scientific posters, as well as presentations, for conferences such as the ACS Fall 2020 Meeting and SETAC’s North American annual conference.

We look forward to playing our part in future events and to seeing you again soon.