IES at the Virtual SETAC SciCon

IES at the Virtual SETAC SciCon 800 418 Admin

The newly organised virtual SETAC scientific conference will take place next week and our IES colleagues are looking forward to speaking to you at our virtual booth.

Our daily conference schedule is as follows:

Thomas Schmidt (Posters)
– 4.06P.9 | Take two – Uncertainties with ECx calculations are reduced by assessing confidence limits as well as performing the “good old” visual inspection of data
– 4.13P.3 | Carbon content and soil organisms – Trick or Peat?
Peter Crick (Poster Corner)
– 4.16PC.1 | Multicomponent biopesticide test items: Analytical challenges and opportunities

Stefan Höger (Platform Presentation)
– 2.01.2 | Ecotoxicity Testing of Water Plants under Flow-Through Conditions
Thomas Schmidt (Poster)
– 2.02P.1 | Increased Pollinator testing demands: What we know by now from the rush
Arno Wess: (Poster)
– 4.09P.18 | Algal and Cyanobacterial Toxicity of Four Antibiotics for Human Clinical Use against Gram-Positive Bacteria

You can find out more about the SETAC meeting on the official conference website:

If you are interested in finding out more about our presentations, please get in touch with Peter during the conference or by email (


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